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Hi! I’m Yibo, an Emory University student. Welcome to the Reflecting on Life blog!

You are about to start on an incredible journey with me! I’m excited to talk to you about ways we can improve our lives and become happier. Happiness is the byproduct of pursuing the day to day journey to becoming our “true” selves.

This is blog is for those who love the constant search for a better life. My goal is to give you brief 5-15 minute reads that leave you with actionable and practical advice to help you go through the daily struggles of life.


At night, I set about 15 mins to reflect on my life and think about ways I can improve. Making mistakes and reflecting on them is the only way I’ve ever grown. By reflecting on our lives we can all live a fulfilling life.

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The unexamined life is not worth living. – Aristotle


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With all that said, I’ve found that giving advice can be quite pointless.

Just go live life! One day come back and tell us your stories.