One of the most important ideas in life is that it has a lot of problems. It’s important to have inner mental toughness as we go through life. Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 10.33.23 AM

This mental toughness can be achieved by meditating or reflecting on your own life. Overall taking care of yourself by eating protein(eggs, milk, or yogurt) and carbs(fruit or bread) and then getting enough sleep is very important. I still nap for around 20 mins to 3 hours when tired and find it refreshing.

Philosophy also has a lot of say about dealing with hardships.

The main ideas are :

  1. You can’t grow without failure. When you fail, be happy because you were given an opportunity to grow and learn.
  2. Read and find role models who have the character that you admire and want to emulate. Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, and pastor Richard Wurmbrand are good examples.
  3. Understand that everything in life has it’s own season. Remember that human emotions – such as sadness or happiness  – are vulnerable to change like the seasons spring, summer, fall, and winter.
  4. Basically all humans have to die. Live your life in a way that you will be proud of yourself when you lay on your deathbed.
  5. It’s important not to talk about how we should but live by example.
  6. Realize that haters don’t hate you at all. They hate themselves and have a lot of self-esteem issues due to their own envy, lust, pride, etc. However, when you experience hate from someone it’s best if you can to walk away from this toxic. If you can’t, then that’s a really tough situation to be in.
  7. You deserve your own love and compassion as much as you share it with anyone else.
  8. Most people say that living and practicing the virtues such as kindness, honesty, or compassion are the main factors that helped them be happier.

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