If you’re a single guy I want to talk to you about dating.

Do you ever wake up to the glimpse of the sun’s light outside your window?  A couple hours ago, it was darkness. Now you see the green canopy of the forest outside emerge.

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 6.15.11 PM

You jumped out of bed and felt an itch in my pants. There’s tension mounting inside of me!

Oh boy…

Tension is my pet puppy!

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 12.45.24 PM

All kidding aside about morning woods, I know what’s it’s like to have a crush on a girl and not be able to start an conversation with her. She passes by you and you wish you could say “Hi”.

I know what it’s like to be lonely and desperate to find a female friend to talk to. There are so many guys who are in the same situation as us.

If there’s a girl you do like, remember to have the intention to be kind to her. No act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.

As a guy, I noticed the benefit of having girls as friends in high school, college and maybe in life is not very high compared to guy friends.

This is because most girls have too many things going in their lives to emotionally invest in friendships with guys. They cannot make up their mind about what they want in the relationship with the guy.

Is he just a passing romance? Is he a close friend? Do I want him as a boyfriend? 

If they start feeling affectionate towards the guy they start falling head over heels for him.

So if you are a single guy who is lonely and wondering: “Why do girls ignore me?”

Here are some answers.

  • “I’m shy.”
  • “I don’t know what to say. My brain goes blank. And I’m scared to stand there and stare at him. “
  • “I’m don’t think I’m old enough to get into a serious relationship.”
  • “I got hurt bad in my last relationship.”
  • “It’s possible they’re playing hard to get. Another possibility is that she’s keeping you on her hook and she’s not really interested in you. She knows you dig her so if she hits a rut in her dating life she’ll let you in to talk to her purely to stroke her ego without allowing anything to become of it.”

When it comes to getting into a relationship remember to be patient and focus on improving yourself. It takes a great heart to know how to wait.

As Charlie Munger said “The best way to get a good spouse is to be a good spouse since a good spouse is not nuts. Still it’s takes a hella lot of waiting.”

We can’t always hang out with our best friend or a have a girlfriend. So we need find a hobby during our free time and focus on practicing the virtues – patience, kindness, honesty, and humility to improve ourselves.

Virtue alone is sufficient. She makes us remember the living and the dead. Everyone wants to be happy but few are. Remember being happy comes from living a virtuous life.